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Rent The Site brings simplicity to you website project; get your affordable, professional website in 3 easy steps:

  1. Choose your website design from the 400+ templates we have
  2. We integrate your brand and your logo in our design
  3. You manage your professionally developed website with our CMS!  Virtually No Programming Skills Required!"

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Q. What are the advantages of using

A. The website creator is designed for the people who want to create and manage a web site quickly and at a great price. You do not need to find and pay a web designer, HTML coder, hosting provider, etc. Now you can do it all using the sitebuilder for a low monthly payment.

Q. Do I need any new equipment?

A. No.

Q. Can I get an email account through

A. Yes! Secure, fast, and easy to use,'s fully integrated Web Mail feature lets you choose email addresses that match your business web address, such as,, and, giving you a more professional way to communicate with your customers and business associates. You will have access to Web Mail and get POP mail support, which allows you to check your Web Mail account with regular email software instead of through a browser if you prefer.

Q. Should I be ".com" or ".net" or ".org"? Which is better? Why?

A. It depends on the use of the website. ".com" is the most common suffix but if you are a non-profit organization, a club, association or group you may want to use ".org". ".net" is the most common alternative to ".com" and looking edgier these days.

Q. Can I switch my old website to one of yours?

A. Yes! We can take care of everything for you. We handle the transfer of your domain and set up your site and deliver it to you so you can fill it with the content from your old site and new content as well.

Q. Can I use my own web address (or domain name) with my site, or do I have to use a web address that includes

A. Yes! You can use your own web address with your web site. will take of transferring your domain name and creating the required DNS changes. When you are ready, we will make the switch and your website users will never notice the difference.

If you do not already own a personalized web address, you can also register one through us.

Q. Do I need to know HTML to use

A. No! With you can build pages, send email newsletters, and more all without knowing a lick about website programming. We also offer personalized customer support to help you along the way.

If you do know HTML, you can use your knowledge to do more advanced things with your site using our HTML publishing and FTP features, but our service is designed to let you create a unique business without needing to be a technology wizard.

Q. Is a Flash template supported by

A. No, The Content Management System does not support dynamic content with Flash. If a Flash template is selected, can provide modifications to the template on an additional hourly basis. We recommend animation as an alternative to flash; search engines can crawl it and your website is easier to find.

Q. Can I upload PDFs, spreadsheets, and word-processing documents to my web site?

A. Yes! With you may upload pictures in .gif or .jpg format to your site, PDFs, spreadsheets, and word-processing documents. The File Manager that comes with allows you to store and manage all kinds of downloadable multimedia files on your site, including, PDFs (great for displaying printable forms), Microsoft Excel files or other spreadsheets and Microsoft Word files or other word-processing documents. Your customers will be able to access each file simply by clicking on a link on your web site.

Q. What do I do about all these popup blockers?

Many browsers, ISPs and 3rd party vendors provide automatic popup blockers today to protect users from unwanted advertising. Unfortunately, they also stop the popup screens within that our customers are using to edit their site. When this occurs simply right click on the bar that says "popups blocked" and you will be able to click on the option to temporarily unblock the popups and continue what you were doing. If you are using a 3rd party's application, you will need to consult your vendor's manual.

Q. Can I connect my site with another site?

A. Yes! To do this, you will simply need to add links from your site to your other site and vice versa. When both sites link to each other, visitors can click back and forth between your two web sites, almost as if they were one.

Q. How will help me if I have a problem?

A. Support is available on-line in the form of PDF manuals, that you can print, and through our e-mail support ticketing service. To email our technical support team, click on Support in our homepage and open a trouble ticket for our Customer Support team.

Q. How reliable is your service? Will my web site always be available to my customers?

A. Our customers' sites are consistently available 99.7 percent of the time. Why not 100 percent? We are constantly improving our service, which requires us to periodically make our service temporarily unavailable while we add the latest upgrade or perform routine maintenance. We always plan maintenance during off-peak hours, and whenever we can, we leave our members' sites up and running when we need to perform maintenance to our own.

Q. Will I be listed with Search Engines?

A. Yes! Every website is submitted to search engines upon the "go live" date. This will allow Internet users to search for and find your site. If you would like to appear higher in the search results or are in a competitive market, we have an extensive program for Search Engine Optimization.

Q. Can you help me design my logo?

A. Yes! Our delivery window begins upon receipt of all of your required materials including your logo, domain name and password, and the completion of our site selection process.

Q. Can you help me with my copy on my site? How?

A. Yes! We are affiliated with great copywriters that can help you create the perfect content for your site. Ask your customer support person to put you in touch with one of our partners.

Q. Do you do custom sites? How does that work? How long does that take?

A. Yes, we do custom sites. Ask your customer support person for more details about custom work.

Q. What if I want to change my design, how much does that cost?

A. You may change your design at any time. Once you are a customer of, we will charge you an hourly rater to replace your old design with your new selection.

Q. What if I want to add features or upgrade my package?

A. Many of our features are available for a one-time fee to be added to your website. When you want to upgrade to another package we will charge you the difference in first month's charges, plus a one-time service fee of $125, and change your monthly billing to the new rate.